Sunday, 16 March 2014


SJ are playing New York City on Saturday April 19 at The Acheron w/ Lumpy and the Dumpers, Varix and Creeping Dose! Late show, 11 PM, $10. Part of New York's Alright Festival with many amazing bands. More info here:

Image by T-Boz. Respect the fly shit.

Monday, 25 November 2013

Concrete Asylum "Social Anxiety" EP out now!

Concrete Asylum is a band from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Their record "Social Anxiety" has five tracks of fast, raw, crude, furious, and unique hardcore PUNK. Their noise is reminiscent of Rudimentary Peni, The Fix, Heresy or Jerrys Kids. But who cares! Just like punk itself, there is more to this unit than a list of old bands we all love. Recorded in 2012 and originally released as the band's second tape to high praises, this session is now mastered and released on vinyl, complete with jaw dropping double-sided 11x17 sleeve by artist and member Adam Kindred.

MRR: "This is the epitome of fast and chaotic hardcore. This could have been generic and unmemorable, but instead it fucking rips! Interesting rhythm and vocal hooks and creative riffs are their strengths. It's their second demo and is recommended for fans of shit like Heresy and Electro Hippies."

 1 copy is $7.50 in Canada, $9.00 in the USA, $12.50 elsewhere.

For wholesale or multiple copies, contact:

Kremlin 12"s, Bad Skin "We're Dogs" 7"s and School Jerks LPs still available!!

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

FUNDRAISER FOR FEAR OF PUNK//FEAR OF ART THIS SUNDAY AT THE 460, 9pm! Hassler, Absolüt and Spearhead! T-Shirts for sale designed by Matthew McGarry and Tara Bursey, plus zines and other stuff for sale. Hot night, cold beer, fun times. Proceeds go towards making back the costs of this crazy undertaking. Big, big thanks to the bands for playing! Don't miss out.

Monday, 8 July 2013


Getting the word out about a punk art show I've been putting together with (School Jerks' artist) Tara Bursey. The show is happening in Toronto the first weekend of August and features the work of some of the best punk artist from around the world! Get into it!!!



Alex Ratcharge (France)
Alexander Heir (NYC)
Emma Maatman (LA)
Erick Lyle (NYC)
Heather Benjamin (NYC)
Jill Pucciarelli (NYC)
Leah Wishnia (NYC)
Matthew McGarry (Rochester)
Nathan Gattis (Chicago)
Paul D'Elia (LA)
Sam Ryser (NYC)
Shiva Addanki (NYC)
Spoiler (Montreal)
Tara Bursey (Toronto)
Weird Luke (NYC)
Yecatl Peña (Mexico)
Dustin McChesney (Minneapolis)
and more.

Curated by Ben Needham and Tara Bursey

August 2-4, 2013
Communication Art Gallery
209 Harbord Street, Toronto
Opening Party:  Friday, August 2, 2013.  7-10 pm

Presented as part of Zine Dream 6, an annual small press art fair

Punk is everywhere.  From malls to museums, the influence and imagery of punk’s past has largely been absorbed into mass culture.  Despite this, contemporary DIY punk rock sits firmly outside of the mainstream, and at both regional and global levels is stronger than ever.  The visual culture that surrounds it is variably dark, threatening, chaotic, smart, funny, mysterious and questioning.

Fear of Punk / Fear of Art highlights the creative output of current punk artists, bringing their work out of its usual context while exploring intersections between punk rock, art and print culture.  The purpose of the exhibition is to celebrate contemporary punk art while sharing it with a broader audience.  The exhibition includes drawing, sculpture and printed matter that draws inspiration from horror, the occult, sex, despair, popular culture, art history and urban life.

For more information, contact or

Images, from left to right: Alexander Heir, solo exhibition poster design; Alex Ratcharge, Maximumrocknroll t-shirt design; Leah Wishnia, Garden of Earthly Delights screenprint; Heather Benjamin, Shut Up t-shirt design.

School Jerks Western Canada Shows

ATTN: Canadians, bloggers, raw punks, cyber punks, crusties and the animals that love them, tumblr addicts, old guys, drunk people, adventure hippies, chulckefucks and anyone else:

School Jerks are heading out west for a mini-tour very soon:

July 15th - Vancouver at Iron Road Studios w/ Needles, Manipulation
July 16th - Kamloops at The Grind w/ Tremor, Only Child  
July 17th - Calgary at Olympic Billiards w/ Flaccid, Chlorinator, Strangled, Exotic Functions
July 18th - Regina at The Mercury
July 19th - Winnipeg at All The Way House
July 20th - Edmonton at Allendale Hall w/ No Problem, Exotic Functions, Strangled

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Bad Vibrations Update/Kremlin Tour

Lots of stuff happening and on the horizon for the adventure punks...

School Jerks played a couple shows a few weeks ago; one in Hamilton, ON and one in Toronto as part of the Not Dead Yet Muscular HC Festival. The shows were a good time and it was nice to have the 'tude in town for a few days. No plans right now for any SJ shows/tours but we'll definitely get some things in the works in the new year.
The12 inch has sold out of the first press (1,000) but there should still be copies floating around stores/distros and we also have a few copies here and in Rochester. Grave Mistake has done a 2nd press of 300 and those are now available through GM and from the band. Check out a review of the record on the awesome art4punks blog
Last week we were honoured to record an interview with living legend and longtime underground punk champion/guru Stephe Perry of Equalizing Distort at 89.5 CIUT, expect the interview to air or EXD and/or appear in print in an industry rag in the future. Interviews can be really weird but this one was a blast. We were all a little groggy from ol' I-balls 13th birthday the night before, hopefully we made sense...

Kremlin have emerged from the Gulag with an awesome recording that is at the pressing plant right now! The record will be the 4th Bad Vibrations release, it will be a 10 song 12 inch and will be a split release with Beach Impediment Records, expect the record out early next year.
In the meantime Kremlin will head out on a mid-west/east coast tour next week starting with a "kick-off" show at Luke's house (the "grunge pit"...) 10 Fee Place Dec. 14

here are the tour dates:
December 15th - Chicago - Albion House w/ Wild Child
December 16th - Cleveland - Now That's Class w/ Bad Noids
December 17th - Pittsburgh - Kopec's w/ Napalm Donut, Drug Lust
December 18th - Richmond - Green Room w/ Manic, Blind Ignorance, Devil's Hand
December 19th - Philadelphia - Green Tea House w/ Backslider, Bastard Deciever
December 20th - 285 Kent Street w/ Dawn of Humans, Creem, La Misma

Check songs from the upcoming record here

Before the Kremlin record though Bad Vibrations will be releasing BAD-03 which will be a Bad Skin 7 inch. This project has been a long time coming and we're excited to be so close to having it finally reach the light of day. We've got test presses for this one so expect it out very soon. Anyone interested in HC punk in Toronto should be familiar with Bad Skin and know what to expect... the rest of the world prepare to meet Bad Skin
Listen to a Bad Skin here